Saturday Night Feels 

Good evening! 

I hope everyones weekend is going extremely well! Mine has been very busy so far! 

I’ve got big changes in the near future, hopefully! But I can’t tell y’all what yet. Don’t want to jinx it! But I promise when I know more I will dedicate a whole post to it♥️ 

I’ve been visiting my grandparents which is always a treat. Considering we don’t live very close to each other. Hopefully one day that will change 😉 

But we made a gluten/dairy free dinner tonight from my new cookbook & it was AMAZING. It was chicken tenders but they were breaded with crunched up Fritos. As well as homemade honey mustard.. I know. Amazing right. We had a big salad & sun tea as well. To die for. 

I’ll post the recipe below!! It was super quick & easy. All done & ready to eat within the hour. Which is great because I’m fairly impatient lol. 

Okay well today’s blog was short but I want to spend as much time with my family as possible!! I will check in tomorrow night. 

Time to watch a scary movie & drink a cup of coffee with grandma♥️ 

Have a safe Saturday night y’all!! 

Xoxo, Kayla☕️ 

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