If the Shoe Fits..

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have MIA for the past week 😦 The internet at work and home has been down for what seems like an eternity.. They are both still hit or miss but enough to publish another blog! Yay!

Not a lot has happened in this past week I will say.. Work has been crazy busy with the internet being down. Phones were off the HOOK. Let me tell yah, having the internet down for 5 days is no bueno.

I did want to talk about something though that has been bothering me a tad more then usual lately. I know I am going to get some hate for this and probably piss a few people off but hey, its my blog and if the shoe fits… lace it up and jog your way outta here!

So I was raised in a way that if someone needed help, you helped them. If there was a homeless person, you bought them food. If it was a friend that was having a rough night you let them crash on your couch and eat your ice cream. There was a dog running down the road.. you save it… ALL OF THEM.. (Sorry about that mom.. but its really you fault) Anyways… I have always gone out of my way to help my friends whether it be best friends or just acquaintances. I have always opened my door and arms when one of them was in need. But I have got to say.. I have never been let down more then by the people I was helping. Now, this is obviously a generalized statement but it fits too many of you I once called family or friends. How can someone use another person to the extent of where you just cant stand their presence anymore…. to where they have ruined a friendship for their own “gain”… Were the things I did for you… the secrets I told you just conversation starters or were ever really grateful? Because honestly from what everyone can tell, you weren’t. The fact that we could have been friends for YEARS and you just turn on them and stab them in back is mind blowing to me.. I just dont get it. And I am SO glad I dont. I am so glad I have never used someone for my own benefit.. Stepping on someone else to help get you to the top is wrong… Yeah you might get there faster but I promise you wont stay long. Eventually everyone will see your true colors and who you really are as a person, if they hadn’t already.

For me, I came to this realization when I started doing things for myself.. to better myself. I stopped going out, I stopped partying, I well.. grew up. And that is when a lot of these friendships ended honestly… I didn’t fit in anymore and that was fine with me. But I cant deny that it was hard to see people I once called sisters or best friends fade into background. Only to hear from them when they needed someone to DD for them and their more fun friends… if I got an invite at all that is. A lot of them would tell me I thought I was better then them now and I needed to get over myself. When in all reality I was trying to better myself… Not better then them, just a person I could be proud of.

I have done that and I know exactly who my true friends are. They’re the ones who text me or call me just to say hi and see whats going on. They’re the ones who just come to my house and walk in, plop down on the couch in pajamas because they know all were doing is eating and watching Netflix. They’re the ones who live 300 miles away but are more involved in your life then the friend 10 miles down the road. They’re the ones who actually ask about how you are instead of rambling about themselves every chance they get. Those are my best friends, and they know exactly who they are…

No matter how much I tell myself this is life and well, like I said before.. people kinda suck, this feeling still hurts. If you have a friend in your life that would literally kill for you, cherish that! They are not easy to come by, I promise.

So on a positive note.. Thank the people that have done you wrong. They are teaching you exactly what you dont ever want to be. They are showing you their true colors.. believe them! They are helping you appreciate the good ones in your life.

So I will tell you, and try to follow my own advice here… Keep your head up and down let the bastards get yah down! Life is way to great to let some unhappy person ruin your day.

Okay, I am done! I had to get that off my chest. Have a wonderful day and keep your head up! Stay cool, its supposed to be hitting summer temperatures this weekend!

Xoxo, Kayla


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