Gypsy Curse

Monday….. Which means lots of COFFEE….

So, I was never one to put my personal things on social media.. like, ever. I always felt there was a time and a place to discuss those things and social media platforms were not one of the. But the more time I spend blogging and reading other peoples blogs.. the more they helped me. So I figured we could get a little personal here today…

My entire life I have been referred to as a “Gypsy”… I mean its not incorrect, but not the best reference to my madness… We moved around a LOT as kid and never stayed anywhere long… We always came back to the same place though… And as I hit my adult years, I continued the tradition… The only thing I consistently had, was myself and dog. And of course my few friends who might as well be family… They’ve been by my side for long enough to know I always make my way back… .

But a lot of people dont understand me.. my mindset. And to be honest with you.. I dont always get it either. Im a drifter, a hippy hearted weirdo and thats okay with me! It took me the last 3 years to finally love who I am as a person… and I will be damned if I ever stray from that again.

I have my own views on everything, I am different.

I would rather sit on a couch with my dog and a cup of coffee or tea watching a scary movie then go out to a bar. I would rather buy my clothes at a thrift store then something brand new from Nordstrom. The smallest things that would be insignificant to most people are huge in my eyes…

I dont ask for a lot.. I have everything I need. My bills are paid, my pups & horses are fed, I am fed…. And I have some cool ass people in my life… Not to mention family. So just because we are different doesn’t make it a bad thing… It just means that we have different views and thats normal!

This is something I constantly have to remind myself of, usually with the help of Sara ( aka the other half of my brain) .. But I always know who I am inside.. and that is all that matters.

Life is a crazy crazy ride and you arent going to get out alive.. why not enjoy it? Every bit of it.. the good parts.. the bad parts… the down right ugly parts. They all make you who you are… Dont discredit that.

Have a wonderful night and a safe Independence Day y’all…\

Much love, kayla XOXO



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