John Tuckered 

Friday, Friday gonna get down on Friday *musical interlude* 

Howdy friends! Hope everyone has had the best week they possibly could with the cards they’ve been dealt. I know mine has been quite the shit show to be completely blunt with you. (Sorry for the language Grandma, but I needed to emphasize how weird this week was!)  

I’m going to jump right into it! 
Soooo yall might be wondering why this is titled John Tucker…. maybe you never saw this movie.. so I’ll break it down real quick. It’s called John Tucker Must Die. Released in 2006, with a story line only too real for us poor millennial gals… (maybe even guys)! Super good looking jock has three girlfriends, all while keeping each of them a secret from each other…. sounds like a great guy right!? 

Well the girls find out & play his own game back & you can imagine the rest I’m sure. 

So, why is this titled that? Well because, I’ve been John Tuckered before… most of us have. You really like a guy, devote a lot of time to him & then BAM next thing yah know he magically has a girlfriend that’s not you… weird huh? Nope. Not so weird. He didn’t rub the magic lamp & a genie came out granting his wish of multiple women. He is a grade A asshole who doesn’t care about much more then how his hair looks. That’s fine & dandy, be a piece of crap. We don’t care. Just leave us the hell alone! 
Most females see things differently. We think with our heart and then our brains. Where *most* men act off impulse & then later on think about how it feels. Which 9/10 is usually too late. Not our problem though! 

It’s like this, imagine you woke up one day & had your DREAM home in front of you. It was ready to house you & everything you ever owned. You felt safe right? Then the next day you wake up in single wide trailer in the not so good side of town…… you’re gonna be bummed right? You’re going to wonder what the hell happened to your dream house! Well it turns out that dream house was a disguise…. it was the single wide trailer your standing in all along! It just wanted you to think that it was better then it truly was. It deceived you & tricked you. 

Now I see this shithouse of a situation panning out in one of two ways. 

1. You can be sad & try to mold that trailer into the dream house you thought it was. Knowing in the back of your mind it will NEVER be what it pretended to be. 

2. You can pack up what’s left of yourself, zip your bag up. Walk out the door, pour that kerosene & light that match. Burn that trailer to the ground. No remains to be sad over. Nothing to look back at. 

Getting let down & hurt sucks. You want to be mad at yourself for trusting someone. But you can’t do that, do not do that. You can not let a few shitty people warp your vision of everyone else. There are amazing people out there, somewhere. & they aren’t pretending to be something they aren’t! They’re loving & caring & compassionate just like you! It just takes time to let them find you! 
So live your own life for yourself. Take that road trip alone. Watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee & just take in your surroundings. Because one day someone will come along, & you’ll do EVERYTHING with them. & no matter how happy you are… everyone needs some time to themselves. So soak it all up while you can. Find yourself. Learn to love yourself. Every single ounce of you. Your flaws your mistakes your ugly photos your friends posted of you. Once you are truly happy with yourself, life gets a lot easier. I promise. It took me 3 years to get there, but I finally am arriving♥️ 

& to the people out there who have been hurt by someone they really cared about… I’m not discrediting the pain… We all need to feel the pain of heartbreak so we can truly truly understand what it is to love something so much we’re terrified to lose it. So embrace the pain, really feel it. But not for too long, just long enough to understand you’re human. We’re vulnerable chunks of flesh! We all want to be wanted, that’s normal. So once you’ve come to terms with what’s happened.. dust yourself off. But your boots back on & get rollin again. Life is too short. Like I said before, none of us are gettin out alive💕 

Well friends, that’s my two cents for the day. I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend & stay safe!!! 

Xoxo, Kayla 🌻 

One thought on “John Tuckered 

  1. Hi there sweetie. Well, this was a sad one. I am sometimes amazed how you have let yourself be so vulnerable and therefore open to hurt. I do appreciate your excusing the language to grandma (actually I loved it). I think I lived in a much simpler time than you. I had my adventures with guys. Decided to go to Hawaii to get away from the norm. My dad (Grandpa George) insisted I buy a round-trip ticket & he gave me the name of some people he knew there. It’s where I met grandpa. Very romantic – I’ll tell you the story some time. I think you are a smart, articulate person with lots of guts. Please do get too hardened. And I think it might be best not to make your goal ‘finding someone.’ Sometimes you need to let something go in order to find it.

    I love you Kayla,




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