The grass is greener where you water it…

Well, I feel like I have ghosted my readers… I am sorry I went MIA for awhile, I got a little bit lost. I have no excuse.. life hasn’t been busy. Work has been slow, I have been blank.

But I have had time to think about a lot of things.. Life, relationships, jobs, friendships… you name it.

Now, if there is one thing I have learned in this 22 years… it is that if you have a piss poor attitude… you will more then likely have nothing short of a piss poor life. But, if you stay positive and kind, the universe will eventually return that favor.. Now the kindness train doesn’t always come back around as soon as you want but it will, and it is so worth it when it does!

I catch myself being negative more often then I would like. It could be as simple as my coffee from the coffee shop being wrong ( okay but in all reality that is a damn tragedy!). Some days are just ” one of those days” and that is okay. But if your bad days out weigh your good, well honey you’re doing something wrong. Sometimes there are things that occur, things you can not change or alter… but you were given one thing and that is simply, your life. There are so many people who did not get the chance to have a full life, to experience it in all its glory. Make the best of it.

So many of us compare ourselves to other people, usually strangers. ( Thanks social media for the unrealistic relationship and body expectations) But really, its ridiculous. So what if she gets a new car every year. So what if he always has the best looking girlfriend. You dont know why or how their life works the way it does. But you still catch yourself saying “why them, how them?”… dont you?

Dont be a “why them” type of person. Be a “why not me too” type of person. Be a “if they can do that I can do that too” type of person.

Life can get really messy and confusing, it can get really lonely at times. Surround yourself with good people, a dog or two (cat if your into those creatures) and a cup of tea and eventually, it will all make sense. At least thats what I keep telling myself.

I have some of the best people surrounding me this last couple years… some might live a few hours away and some live a few streets down, but we are close in heart.

So remember this, pissin in someone elses yard wont make yours any greener. Water where it matters, water your own side of the fence. Because to be honest, they probably think your side is greener too.

As always.. with so much love,

Xoxo- Kayla 💕

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