Spilled Tea

Hi friends!

Happy new year! I hope y’all had a great holiday season and got some rest and ate some yummy foods!

The last few months of 2018 were rough.. 2018 in general was a rough year for myself. It started off with losing my grandma and my horse. I quit my job of almost 3 years and had to start completely over somewhere else. My dad had some serious health issues that were extremely scary. This was the first holiday my family had without my grandma here and it was very hard to say the least.. None of us were really in the holiday spirit but we champed through. Grandma would not want us sad.

I met someone, and that was amazing, for a little while. On top of a few things that happened that really made me question my place and importance in this persons life, I was also dealing with an aching heart from all the sad and tough things in my own personal world.. And instead of having a shoulder to lean on… I was blown off. I was told that my attitude was draining and I was a drag to be around… now, im not airing this dirty laundry for sympathy.. I am saying this to hopefully help someone else. If your significant other or even just a friend is clearly having a rough time and is being distant… check on them. Make that little extra effort to help them. Dont pick on them to try and lighten the mood. You dont kick someone while their down, right? Relationships and friendships arent always 50/50. Sometimes you have to step up and be that 80/20 for them when its a rough time in their life.

I am an extremely independent person. I do not ever feel like i NEED someone in my corner. I can fight my own battles and stand up for myself. But, everyone needs someone sometimes and that is okay!

Which leads to my changes for 2019..

I am not much of a resolution person, however I will make a couple this year.

  1. It is okay to be sad and openly feel emotion.
  2. I will blog more often. Hopefully once a week!

2018 was a year of pain and changes. 2019 will be a year of love and growth.

If anyone has anything you would like me to write about or topics you want to hear my point of view on.. please ask!! I would love to broaden this blog to things I never expected it could be.

Have a fantastic week everyone.


Xoxo, K

2 thoughts on “Spilled Tea

  1. I’ll just say “ I love you “ sad, emotional, draining, mad or funny!! I will silently be in your corner!! Pull me out when needed. 🥰
    Happy 2019. Let’s be the happy!


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