It’s me again♥️

Hi y’all!

I just wanted to jump on here while I had this on my mind.

A lot of people know that there are many aspects to my life & to who makes me, me. But for those of you who don’t, I’ll explain.

I grew up riding horses. Whether that meant jumping ponies when I was little. To ranching & branding with my very best friend. (who became family) To showing cutting horses. I’ve tried it all & everything in between. Do I get to ride everyday now? No, I don’t. Real life hit & as much as I would love to be horseback daily, that just isn’t in my cards right now. & that is okay! But that is who I am & who I will always be. That lifestyle has molded me into the woman & friend I am today & I am so very thankful for it.

I listen to rock/metal music. For some reason this really erks some people… You’re right, I’m not the stereotypical “metalhead” I listen to all other genres too. But metal has brought my brother & I closer then we’ve ever been. The community is awesome & so friendly & welcoming. I’ve made some absolutely amazing friends who I can count on outside the moshpit as well as in 😉 But again… this just adds to the person I am today.

We ride dirt bikes. We shoot guns. I work in agriculture. I love to get girled up & look pretty. But I also love nothing more then being bare faced with a ball cap on.

You don’t have to be any ONE thing. It is okay to like a little bit of everything if you truly enjoy it for yourself. The second you start doing things to get someone’s attention or because it seems “cool” or “in” then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. There is so much to do on this planet, allow new things into your lives!

I will continue to be a melting pot of all things that make me, me.

Thanks for reading & sticking with my blog. I love each & everyone of you! I hope 2019 is starting off awesome for y’all!!

Until next time 🖤

Xoxo, K

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